We are edified by the zeal of our South Asian brothers and sisters who live in hard conditions and opposition. They are doing such great things with little material means: that teaches us a lot.

Pastor Sylvio, Quebec

My mission trip exceeded expectations. … If this is what can be expected every time someone ministers with Engage Today then Engage Today is doing things right. I thank Engage Today and John C. for the trip of a lifetime. The only way it could have been better is if my wife had been able to share in the experience with me.

Pastor Dave, Ontario

I’m grateful for [Engage Today], for their visit almost every year. We have other partners, but they hardly ever come to visit us. Yes, we need resources, but more than that also we need encouragement and spiritual teaching, which we lack in South Asia. So not only is [Engage Today] providing financial help, but also they sacrificially come and spend time with us. It brings the encouragement that we are not alone, that we have brothers and sisters around the world with whom we can stand together and join hands to do the work.

Pastor Swapon, former Partner in South Asia (went home to the Lord in 2019)

We feel so blessed at the eagerness with which they receive the messages and workshops. How can we convey the beauty of their faith, the eagerness of their desire to learn and the warmth of their love?

David & Cathy, Trip Participants, British Columbia

The missionaries were personally blessed and encouraged by the training, which they will also take back to their congregations and outreach ministries. This Leadership Seminar helped build unity among church leaders and helps to build momentum for evangelism so that our nation will be reached for Jesus Christ.

Rajesh, Engage Today Partner, South Asia