A new book: Light Shining Into Darkness


We are excited to announce that Engage Today is publishing its very first volume called Light Shining Into Darkness. The book is now available for purchase.

This book contains the detailed accounts of how God called and raised up two of our partners in South Asia: Philemon and Kirit.

Dr. Daryl Climenhaga (Associate Professor, Global Studies, Providence University College and Theological Seminary), commenting on the book says, “…Philemon and Kirit are examples of God’s presence working in and through God’s people in a “muscular” or powerful way. Debates about social action versus evangelism, or about the place of power encounter in evangelism, melt away in the fire of their own experience of God’s call and God’s power. …”

Ruth Smith Meyer (Author, Books That Inspire), writes, “It’s not often that a book renders me speechless. The more I read this account, the more I stood in amazement.”

It is only available as a softcover book.