A Benevolent Fund


For many years now, appeals to our mission have been submitted relating to various emergencies that our partners are facing. For example, in early 2020 there were two pastors on their way to a Leadership Seminar conference who had major motorcycle accidents. They both incurred serious head injuries and were admitted to hospital. These pastors serve in remote regions and are quite poor, and were unable to cover the cost of their medical stay.

Because our network in Asia is quite large in number, we regularly receive requests for help to cover medical costs for our brothers and sisters who are unable to pay for the treatment which is needed. We know that we are not able to help them in every circumstance, but there are some situations we are compelled to do something.

Engage Today has recently set up a benevolent fund which is designed to assist our brothers and sisters in our network who are facing situations where help is needed far beyond their capacity. Typically health situations and funeral expenses are emergencies which are outside of our mandate as a registered charity and so we are unable to issue tax receipts for these specific needs.

We would like to invite you to contribute to our new benevolent fund as you are able. Currently there are three requests before us for which we are seeking the Lord’s provision.

Recently we helped in small part with Bishambra’s medical situation. He is the Dean at a Bible School in Northern India we are partnering with. The vision in his right eye was deteriorating and it was determined that he had a fungus that was growing in it. He is now blind in that eye but medical intervention has been needed to try to prevent the spread of the fungus to other parts of his body and especially his brain. More treatment is required and we are continuing to pray for God’s gracious hand to be on him.

More than financial assistance, we would like to request that you please pray with us for our brothers and sisters facing these various crises. In all these things, we can trust that our Lord is both sovereign and our good Shepherd.