Missionary Training School Opened


When pastor U.C. visited us in Canada in November 2019, one item that was first on his prayer list was a desire to reopen a Bible School. His vision centers around spreading the gospel among those who have not yet heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Preparing more missionaries is central to seeing that happen.

A few years earlier vandals had destroyed some of the buildings that Pastor U.C. had used for various ministries. They have experienced considerable persecution over the last 15 years, as have other Christian ministries in his region.

Re-opening a Bible School would not only require the funds necessary to operate the school itself but also resources to make some necessary repairs and upgrades.

With the many restrictions over the last few years, opening a school was not an option until earlier this year. In the Spring of 2022, Engage Today and Pastor U.C. came together to make a plan to get the school open again. Some renovation work has been completed and the school was opened at the earliest.

The school’s inauguration was held on the April 4th.  Pastor U.C. shared that it was a joyous occasion and there were 20-25 pastors including four teachers who participated in the event.

This is a huge praise for Pastor U.C. and the churches associated with the ministry. Twenty young people (11 boys and 9 girls) are studying faithfully in this 2-year program. Training in core theological subjects and preparation to take the gospel to new unreached areas is the emphasis of the teaching. The four teachers are experienced on the front lines of gospel ministry in the region and are well qualified to bring the training to these students.

Pastor U.C. is also hoping to provide some practical skills training to supplement the training they are already getting. Learning how to sew with a machine is something that Pastor U.C. believes would enable them to have a “tent-making” skill on the field to help with their future ministry. Some funds have already been provided for sewing machines.

Note: You can help keep this school running by helping with tuition costs of the students and/or providing funds for the sewing machines needed to help prepare them with a valuable skill.