Jungle Camps

jungle camp girls singing (1)

While in Asia on his 9-week ministry tour, David joined with our partner, Sushant, for a few days as a speaker at 4 of their annual Jungle Camps. Pastor Sani was traveling with David and also participated in sharing at these events.

Here is a brief summary describing jungle camps and a few notes about this year’s events from our partner:

Every year, we organize camps in 15 different areas within our mission field. These camps attract thousands of attendees who bring with them their songs, dances, and life stories of how God has helped them overcome sickness, provided for their daily needs, comforted them in times of loss, and protected them from danger and troubles. The powerful testimonies of these individuals often serve as a source of inspiration for unbelievers, encouraging them to turn towards Jesus and experience the love and compassion that transcends all barriers of religion and societal status.

After the event, attendees would form long lines to receive food prepared by the host church. They would then take some rest before assembling once again for the final sessions.

This year, we were able to organize 15 evangelistic Jungle Camps in various areas, and approximately 30,000 attendees were refreshed by precious truths of being in Christ.

These events serve as an annual convention for believers but also as a key event for evangelism. Christians bring their non-believing neighbours so that they can witness a gathering of believers and hear both testimonies and the preaching of the gospel. Many people put their faith in Christ at these events.