Engage Today: New Name, Same Mission


The launch of this website is taking place in concert with the announcement of our organization’s new name. We are excited to announce that Advancing Indigenous Missions has changed its name to Engage Today. Nothing about the organization is different except that we are transitioning to this new name. We have not merged with another organization and our ministry partners are the same. Our ministry focus, our vision, and our staff all remain intact.

The name Engage Today quickly became attractive to our team when it first emerged as an idea. The word Engage provides a strong reference to partnership which is central to our mission strategy. It also provides a call to action which is further emphasized by the word Today. There is an urgency to mission which we have sought to encourage the Church in – so many in the world have yet to hear of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Why the name change?” you may wonder. There are a couple of key reasons for this decision. One key reason for this decision is that the word “indigenous” is increasingly used in Canada as a reference to the aboriginal people. For example, it has become much more common when we introduce the mission to someone new that they ask about which areas in Northern Canada we work in. Of course, our current partners are primarily in Asia. Thus, we determined that we should change our name for greater clarity.

Another reason, which is something we have encountered since the inception of the mission, is the overlap with several evangelical ministries who use the acronym AIM. For too long this has been confusing to some. A new, unique name will help provide clarity in the long run among evangelical missions.

A number of administrative details accompany the change in our name. We have new e-mail addresses and are in the process of transitioning those. Please note that our phone number and office location will not be changing.

Thank you for your faithful partnership in the gospel and walking with us through this exciting transition.