Ebinazer in Canada


Engage Today would like to introduce brother Ebinazer. He is the son of Nirmal, Engage Today partner mission leader. Ebinazer is planning to visit us in Canada from March 21st until April 17th.

Here is a brief testimony from Ebinazer:

I was born and brought up in a Christian family. From childhood, I attended Sunday School and other prayer meetings regularly as a nominal Christian. But in September 2000, I participated in a youth meeting in my Church. God spoke to me that day, and I committed my life to Christ. In January 2001, I was baptized.

God has given me a heart for children and youth ministry. I started ministering in 4 villages from 2001 to 2008. Then I worked with Operation Mobilization (OM) as an accountant until 2011. I was also continuing this ministry God had given me during my job. Every weekend I went home to work with children and youth.

In 2011 I resigned from OM and committed my life to do full-time ministry as a missionary pastor. I passed the children and youth ministry to another brother, and I started reaching more unreached people by sharing the Gospel with adults.

During this time, my father, who had already started many churches during his missionary ministry, had an additional burden to encourage missionary pastors in many places. The Engage Today team from Canada also stood behind my father and helped him and the missionary pastors in our ministry.

As I prayed, I also took this challenge in my life and started reaching pastors. I became a regional director of the ministry, and I started working with 5 Pastors. Now I supervise and train 20 pastors working in my region.

From 2012 to 2022, I shared Gospel in 95 villages, of which 25 villages heard the Gospel for the first time.

My desire is to reach more unreached people and missionary pastors who need help. I plan to go to preach and encourage missionary pastors. It’s my great passion to teach the correct doctrine and solid teaching/preaching to pastors while sharing God’s love with unreached tribes in these states. And I would also like to train leaders with discipleship programs to reach even more unreached people.

Please continue to pray for my family and the ministry.

You can contact our office if you would like to arrange a time to connect with Ebinazer while he is in Canada. His plan is to be in Manitoba from March 21 until April 6 and then in Quebec from April 6 until April 17.