Dineh’s Visit


In March we were blessed to have our partner, Dineh, visit us in Winnipeg for 10 days. This was the first visit of one of our international partners we have had in Canada since December 2019. It is no surprise to any of us why it has been so long and of course we are hoping that this is the beginning of a new season where we can resume some of the normalcy of our pre-pandemic lives.

The ministry of Engage Today is built on relationships. We want you, our Canadian friends, to have the opportunity to personally connect with and get to know our partners. We will not be able to connect all of you in personal interaction with each of our leaders during their visits to Canada but we hope you do take advantage of the times and opportunities when they do arise.

Dinesh was quite active in the Winnipeg area during his time. Speaking in several churches, visiting some of you in your homes, connecting for coffee with pastors, sharing with us in our office, and speaking at our weekly chapel (which is available on Zoom to anyone across Canada), and a number of you had the opportunity to meet with Dineh.

We heard Dineh’s heart and vision for North India. Since 1998, he has been doing excellent pioneer mission work in very remote and unreached places in the Himalayas. (I’ve travelled with Dineh on a number of my visits to India and can attest to how remote some of these places are.) Churches have been planted and many have come to put their trust and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

Dineh is a networker and a pioneer. Their leadership development model is unique among our partners and they have seen much continuity in those who are serving in the churches. He is connecting pioneer work across the Himalayas, all the way from the most northern parts of India through Nepal and into the restricted landlocked nation of Bhutan. They also have a vision to enter into the most northern parts of Myanmar as well. Leaders are connected with Dineh in various ways in order to advance the gospel among the unreached all throughout these regions. Over 350 churches are linked with him in this network.

As a pioneer, he is willing to try things. One of the projects he mentioned to us he calls “gospel on 3-wheeler”. A 3-wheeler is a small, natural gas-powered vehicle that is commonly used throughout the Indian subcontinent to taxi the public around in distances anywhere from a couple of blocks to 25 km. The concept of this initiative would be to have a committed and trained evangelist who would drive this vehicle. The radio of the 3-wheeler would have Christian music, messages and Scripture playing throughout the day. And the driver would use the opportunities when he has passengers to share about the Lord Jesus Christ. The first one of these 3-wheelers were recently purchased to begin this work. Engage Today would like to see a number of these 3-wheelers on the road as a way to see the gospel getting out using public transportation in North India.