Charitable Status of Our Partners in India


Since September 2020 we have periodically been updating you about the situation in India with a number of our partners. New legislation was passed which made the future of registered charitable work for our partners questionable.

The last year and half has been very challenging with lack of clarity and the need to reapply for a number of permissions and registrations. Earlier this year, the deadline for a re-registration was set for March 31, 2022 but was suddenly extended for all organizations until June 30th.

Most of our partners still have not yet received approval to carry on with their charitable activities beyond June 30th. They are taking the steps necessary to obtain approval. Both they and we are now praying, trusting the Lord and waiting.

Two of our partners in India had their registrations suspended suddenly on December 31st, 2021 without any advanced notice. The cited reason for their suspension was failure to comply with reports or applications by a certain date. However, despite a very problematic online government site, our partners did in fact fulfill the requirements.

The system is broken and the appeal process is sadly very inefficient. This has meant that our two partners are unable to receive funds from us or any other international partner at this time.

Please join with us in praying for the continued advance of the gospel in India, despite the challenges of the system. Pray that our eyes would all be fixed on Jesus and that our confidence would be fully in Him.