Breakthrough Among the Lodha


For many years, our partner D.B. has been operating a Mobile School of Education (MSOE). They have found it to be a very powerful tool that the Holy Spirit is using to bring transformation among the unreached people groups of their region. The training equips and empowers new believers in gospel outreach ministry. They have witnessed its multiplying effect among those who are trained and sent out.

Here’s a story to encourage you.

One of the MSOE students was out for a prayer walk and ran into a man named Ladura (a man from the Lodha people group). After exchanging common intercultural greetings, they began to chat. Ladura expressed the desire of his seeking heart and the student immediately responded to him by sharing his testimony. Ladura was interested in what this student was sharing and invited him to come back to his home to share more about this message of salvation.

The story of the virgin birth of Jesus was of particular interest to Ladura and his family when the student narrated the story to them in their own language. Ladura and his family opened their home to Jesus that day.

Without wasting any time, Ladura gathered his relatives to hear the story of Jesus Christ. (When Pastor D.B. shared this story with us he commented how the Holy Spirit was working in a similar way we read about in John 4. The Samaritan women told the people of her town about Jesus and they came out to meet him.) The story of Mary who became pregnant before marriage, and of Elizabeth who become pregnant during her old age, impressed the family members.

Since that first visit, house fellowships have started among the Lodha people. New believers have decided to give up their drinking habits, stop in-house fighting, abusing children, and immoral living. More Lodha, who are hearing and responding to the gospel story, are being added to the church almost every week.

D.B. shares that they are so thankful for divine appointments and this opening to the Lodha people. He said, “Hostility was overcome by love and commitment to reach the unreached and unengaged, even in places where the transformation from the message was unexpected.” As of today, seven house fellowships have been established among the Lodha people and receptiveness continues.

Editor’s note: The Lodha have been a people group that Engage Today has been featuring on our Day of Prayer for the Unreached in some churches across Canada. For many years, Christians and government workers hesitated to visit the Lodha because of their reputation of being criminals. Please continue to pray for a gospel awakening among the Lodha.