About Engage Today

Why Engage Today?

Empowering Church Plants

The Evangelical movement in the world has changed. At one time, evangelism, church planting, and discipleship were the mission focus primarily undertaken by the Church in the West; but now, they are the distinctive marks of the indigenous Church in many pockets of the World. The Good News of Jesus Christ is bearing fruit as indigenous Christians faithfully spread the Gospel. Movements are gaining momentum as the Gospel takes root. Engage Today was birthed to come alongside indigenous church planting ministries reaching out to unreached people groups and helping them to equip the Church for works of service.

Who we work with?

Indigenous Missions

Engage Today works primarily with the leaders of independent indigenous mission groups. Through visiting the indigenous missions and building relationships with them, Engage Today has come to know our indigenous mission leaders. Our vision of discipleship is taking the role of serving in suitable and appropriate ways, and encouraging the indigenous mission in their lead ministry role.

The indigenous missions we work with:

  1. demonstrate a burden for the lost and a commitment to building the Church,
  2. have a clear evangelical statement of faith,
  3. are faithful in the face of spiritual and physical opposition,
  4. are committed to financial transparency, and
  5. serve under the accountability of a board of directors.

Engage Today is inspired by our partners mostly because they are examples of committed followers of Jesus Christ. They know the Bible has commissioned believers to “Go into all the world and make disciples”; and they are determined to walk in obedience regardless of the obstacles and challenges that they face.